Builtin Plugs seems not functioning fully

I recently read a lot about the built-in plugins. Yet functionalities like postpone task documented in Tasks plugin are not available in my instance, which is running the edge tag docker image of silverbullet, see below image

I wonder how can this be possible? Is the distribution of core plugin different from the main Silverbullet?

I think postpone tasks is a command that only appears in a very specific (when the cursor is inside, but not at the very end of a task) location, otherwise it’s hidden. This location aware functionality isn’t working flawlessly unfortunately. Likely this is the issue, unless you’re missing other commands as well?

I did a quick experiment on this: place my cursor on the body of a task object and use command picker. The result is also the same (doesn’t contain postpone).

Ah sorry, I just checked the implementation I think it’s just broken. Just created an issue: Task: Postpone command broken · Issue #920 · silverbulletmd/silverbullet · GitHub

It is fine, thanks for checking the issue. I’m happy to bring this bug into attention!

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