Does Silverbullet support custom handlebars helpers?

I wondered, if it would be possible to define custom handlebars helpers.
My use case is a template where I want the page name to be autofilled but in lowercase and it looks like handlebars does not offer a built-in helper for that.

You cannot define custom ones right now, these are the ones currently available: silverbullet/common/syscalls/handlebar_helpers.ts at main · silverbulletmd/silverbullet · GitHub

That said. One of the bigger projects on my queue is to replace handlebars with something SB specific. Probably largely compatible with handlebars in the 90% case but using the same expression language as queries instead of the limited one handlebars uses. Making the functions available there extensible would also be part of this effort.

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Okay, thank you for the hint.
Extensible functions, maybe even using some javascript would be very cool. But I think this is really more a power-user feature :technologist: