Updates to 0.6.0 interrupted the Mermaid plugin

Updates to 0.6.0, interrupted the Mermaid plugin (Ubuntu 22


It does work for me.

Just tried the example from silverbullet

What @paletochen said. Do you see any errors in your browser’s JavaScript console? A screenshot of that would help.

  1. The launch of the Mermaid plug-in with test content, from the example you sent, did not change the situation;

  1. The output to the Silverbullet console does not show errors;

  1. Yes, plugin errors are present ;

Ok, in your PLUGS page, could you remove the “backlinks” plug that’s for sure out of date and won’t work. After that could you run the Plugs: Update command again and see if that fixes anything?

If not: manually delete everything in your _plug folder in your space, reload and run the Plugs: Update command again.

Thanks for the help and a very useful project . The problem with mermaid was eliminated by restarting the browser. Sorry, I didn’t think of immediately overloading the browser.

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