Where is recommended to put my query, templates, etc.?

I have some templates, queries and I’ve copied the awesome [gorootde silverbullet-collection] (GitHub - gorootde/silverbullet-collection: Collection of awesome silverbullet.md stuff).

Where is the best place to store these “personal” things?

in Library/core/ and its subdirectories

or in a different location such as:

Library/my/ and its subdirectories to avoid erasing in case of core upgrade?

Thank you.


This is an excellent question. Of course, there’s no enforced location so this is all convention. However, I would indeed not mix them with anything under Library/Core or Library/Journal (if you use that). I’d keep this isolated to allow easier updating later on. How this will work is not 100% figured out, but some type of sync there seems like a good idea.

I still have a mess in my space, but my plan once I clean it up is to use Library/Personal to avoid clashes. Potentially moving stuff from there to other Library sub-folders once I decide they are worth sharing.

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I try to emulate the other Plugs (Core, Journal) and have a folder structure like below: