0.6.1 released: the one with tag pages and read-only mode

Where to get it: Install

Hopefully you have auto upgrades (e.g. with watch tower enabled) in which case you’ll get it automatically.

Updates in this release

  • Tag pages: when you click on a #tag you will now be directed to a page that shows all pages, tasks, items and paragraphs tagged with that tag: 📌 upnext
  • Action buttons (top right buttons) can now be configured; see SETTINGS for how to do this.
  • Headers are now indexed, meaning you can query them Objects#header and also reference them by name via page links using # that I just demonstrated :point_left:. See Links for more information on all the types of link formats that SilverBullet now supports.
  • New Task: Remove Completed command to remove all completed tasks from a page
  • Read-only mode (experimental) is here; see Install/Configuration on how to enable it. This allows you expose your space to the outside world in all its glory but without allowing anybody to edit anything.
    • silverbullet.md has now been redeployed to run in this mode
    • Pages in this mode are server-side rendered so their content can actually be indexed by search engines. In addition, some OpenGraph attributes are put in in the HTML to enable nice embedding links, e.g. in our community.
  • New Clear Local Storage & Logout command to wipe out any locally synced data (and log you out if you use Authentication).
  • Bug fixes:
    • Improved Ctrl/Cmd-click (to open links in a new window) behavior: now actually follow @pos and $anchor links.
    • Right-clicking links now opens the browser’s native context menu again
    • tags in Frontmatter are now properly indexed again when listed as an array
  • Internal changes:
    • Big refactor: of navigation and browser history, fixed some Page: Rename bugs along the way
    • Plugs now can no longer define their own markdown syntax, migrated all plug-specific syntax into the main parser. This should remove a bunch of editor “flashing” especially during sync.



Thanks for this (though something is not working correctly for me).

Two separate issues:

  1. When I create a tag, it does indeed appear to be clickable (mouse cursor changes), but nothing happens when I click on it. That’s true even if I have that tag on multiple pages (all created with this new version). Your example tag above (upnext) does work when I click on it, so something may be wrong in my setup (or my understanding).

  2. I have many existing tags from importing pages from Logseq prior to this update. Those correctly autofill if I start typing a new tag, but if I visit one of thos existing pages, the mouse cursor doesn’t change if I hover over one of the tags, so they’re not recognized as “tags” (they weren’t created in Silverbullet, so I’m not surprised, other than the autofill found them).

On a separate note about this update, installing it or running it yields the deno deprecation warning about the --unstable flag. I’m sure you see it too. :wink:

For every upgrade, be sure you reload your browser multiple times just to be sure you got all the latest assets.

Assuming you did that and the issues persist:

  1. Do you see any errors in your browser’s JavaScript console?
  2. There’s no real concept of “creating a tag” and if they autocomplete they exist, so this should be unrelated of how you created these tags (in SB or LogSeq). In what context do you hover over these tags, just in a regular editable page? What do they look like?

OK, here’s an irony. I just reloaded the page multiple times, and now, even newly created tags no longer show as links when I hover over them (they did on first launch!).

Yes, I’m hovering in a regular editable page. They look like real tags (colored blue right after I hit a space or enter key).

There are no errors in the console, but tons of errors in the Silverbullet stderr log output (though they appear to be mostly related to the deno deprecation warnings, including stack traces).

Also, sorry for mentioning that above, I hadn’t yet read your thread about the upgrades (which I now have!).

I think I’ll try edge now and see if that makes a difference!

Regarding the Deno deprecation errors: are you running the Deno version or a Docker container?

Deno directly.

[hadar@hadarmini tmp]$ deno --version
deno 1.40.1 (release, x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu)
typescript 5.3.3

I just switched to Edge and it’s working perfectly. It finds all of my Logseq tags instantly and shows them beautifully! Thanks! :clap:

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Could we have also the middle-click button fix?
Middle-click button should perform the same action as Ctrl/Cmd-click (open links in a new tab)


Somebody would have to buy me a mouse with a middle button to test :smile:

send me your address by private and i will happily send you one :slight_smile:

Just to confirm, the middle click press I perform it on the wheel.
The wheel can scroll and be pressed

Clicking with three fingers on the touchpad also emulates a middle click :slight_smile:

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Sending me a mouse just for this seems silly, emulating one (or three-finger tapping) seems more sensible

I realized in 0.7.0, not sure if it is specific to that release, that middle-click works as expected for internal [[links]] but not for [external](ones)

Got an excuse to move on from my first Plug I used to start my SilverBullet experience (import notes from Dendron).

End of an era, it was working for whole two days :rofl:

Sorry, I had no idea people were actually using this. Was it essential?

It’s not essential at all, since it’s a one time transformation on command, not something ongoing in the space. I could still get the functionality I need with a small rework. But since I’m already fully migrated, I doubt I’ll ever use that.

Also, it was barely working and had userbase of one, the upstream improvement is definitely worth it. Just felt like sharing as trivia here.

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