0.7.1 released: the one with Space Script

Another day, another SilverBullet dot dot release! This should be the last one before my little vacation, so let’s take it easy.

In this release:

  • Numerous bug fixes and significant performance improvements in template rendering (which now happen server-side), including code completion fixes.
  • New {{#each @varname in <expression>}} syntax in Template Language.
  • Experimental feature: Space Script, the ability to extend SilverBullet from within your SilverBullet space with JavaScript. :exploding_head:
  • New query sources: command and syscall. The Keyboard Shortcuts and Commands pages now use these to list all key bindings and available commands automatically.
  • You can now create emoji aliases (implemented by Maarrk), see SETTINGS for an example :sweat_smile:
  • You can now conditionally show action buttons (see SETTINGS) only on mobile devices (implemented by Maarrk)



Would it be possible for having a query that shows the current keyboard shortcuts, i.e, considering the ones that the user has overwritten within their space?

That’s what it should be doing, if not it’s a bug.

It is not working then.
You can see, in my instance what my Outline shortcuts are vs what the query says:

Issue opened: Keyboard shortcut query is not showing overwritten shortcuts (by the user) · Issue #689 · silverbulletmd/silverbullet · GitHub

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I just upgraded to 0.7.1 and now most of my pages are showing the “space” directory in the name:

Also, some of my notes’ creation date changed to today, no big deal there but I found that strange.

Edit: Looks like there’s now a new space directory inside the original space directory I created when I installed Silverbullet, and that’s why those pages have “space” in the name. Curiously, there’s also a copy of the Library/Core directory inside the new space directory. No idea what happened honestly. Would it be safe to move everything out of the new space directory, overwriting the Library/Core directory and its contents?

Edit 2: I just stopped the Docker container and replaced the space directory with a backup I had from version 0.7.0, started the container again and sure enough a new space directory was created inside, also containing the Library/Core files. Let me know if there’s any other information I can provide to debug this.

This is very weird. I don’t think anything significant changed here. What are upgrading from and how do mount your space into /space?

I upgraded from 0.7.0 as follows:

docker-compose down
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d

The directory that is mounted into /space is just a space directory in the same path as docker-compose.yml.

I manually put everything back where it should be in the space directory and I haven’t had any issues since, so maybe it was just something wrong with my setup. I’ll come back if I have any similar issues. Thank you very much for all your work on Silverbullet!

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