0.7.3 released: the one with all the community contributions

I’m back from a 10 day vacation, and while I was out enjoying the Fuerteventurian sun, we saw a huge influx of new people to SilverBullet and with that a lot of code contributions, which is awesome. So I’ll dedicate this release to primarily their work. It’s cool stuff.

Here goes!

  • Here are the highlights of all the community code contributions:
    • Ability to “bake” templates and query results (with the new “bake” button or Page: Bake live blocks), that is: replace these blocks with their rendered results, and therefore freeze them in time, by Marek S. Łukasiewicz
    • Pre-fill a new page with heading title in Page: Extract by Patrik Stenmark
    • Added custom data field to template plug by Michael Kolb
    • Markdown tables are now indexed, and queryable by Michael Kolb
    • Added “copy to clipboard” button to code blocks, by Joe Krill
    • Fenced code can now also use ~~~ in addition to triple backticks, by Marek S. Łukasiewicz
    • Markdown preview pane now uses custom styles and dark mode, by Joe Krill
    • Correctly skip adding default shortcuts for overridden commands, by Joe Krill
    • Fix Link: Unfurl command, by Joe Krill
    • Expression Language now supports unary minus (e.g. -3), by Marek S. Łukasiewicz
    • Added Syntax Highlighting for Diff, Powershell, Perl, TCL, Verilos, VHDL, Docker and CMake), by Giovanni Pollo and Go by Viktoras
    • Fixed dark mode for templates, by Ashish Dhama
  • There are also two very notable new plugs you may be interested in trying:
    • Plugs/TreeView: a sidebar showing (and allowing you to manipulate) your space’s folder tree (at long last)
    • Plugs/AI: various clever AI integrations (supporting many different LLMs, including locally hosted ones)
  • Snippets using matchRegex can now use the |^| caret to wrap text around the replacement, see the Snippets
  • Changed the signature of silverbullet.registerFunction to make the first argument an object, see Space Script. Old string-based scripts still work, for backwards compatibility.
  • The replace function now supports multiple replacements
  • You can now use backticks (`) around identifiers in Expression Language, to e.g. use names with spaces or other weird characters as attribute names.
  • Link Unfurl now supports unfurling youtube videos
  • Fixed edit button on code widgets after they have shifted
  • Fixed page completion in template blocks
  • Giant code reorganization (hopefully resulting in 0 regressions)
  • Bump Deno to version 1.41