0.7.7: the one with a bunch of fixes

Hello all. It’s been a while since the last release. Since 0.7.6 a various tweaks have been made, and bugs have have been fixed — a significant amount by the community, which I really appreciate a lot. We even had a brief pivot to a different font, which we then reverted. It’s been quite a ride :wink:


  • Added ability to configure PWA app name and description (web app manifest) via configuration variables (by s1gnate-sync)
  • Improved styling for modals (by Daniel)
  • Allow middle click to open links (by Daniel)
  • Various theme fixes (by onespaceman)
  • Fix Int polyfill (by Daniel)
  • Make maximum attachment size configurable (by Thomas)
  • Fix frontmatter tag indexing when tags are numbers (by Justyn)
  • Fix for supporting page names with spaces at the tail or front end (by Florent)
  • On the technical side:
    • Radically improved dependency management in the code base (by Maks)
  • Dependency bumps for a lot of codemirror-related packages as well as Deno itself