An admittedly hacky approach to making your Obsidian vault Silverbullet-friendly

If you’re coming from Obsidian and try to just drop your vault folder into your space, you’re going to have a bad time. I pulled together a set of scripts that are, I will fully admit, garbage code - but that can help wrangle your notes into SB format. In case it helps anyone else:

Here’s a rundown of the problems and the scripts I developed to tackle them:

  • Wikilinks: Obsidian’s wikilinks don’t include folder structure, leading to broken links in Silverbullet. The scripts modify links to include the full path.
  • Image Embeds: Images in Obsidian are not automatically compatible with Silverbullet. The scripts adjust image links to the [](relative location.ext) format required by Silverbullet.
  • Embeds and Sections: Silverbullet lacks Obsidian’s ! embed feature. The scripts convert embeds to a compatible format and simplify section links to standard wikilinks.
  • Admonitions/Callouts: Silverbullet only recognizes “note” and “warning” types with enhanced visibility. One script transforms any Obsidian callouts to a compatible format.
  • Dataview Queries: Unsupported in Silverbullet, the scripts remove Dataview tables and inline references. Not an elegant solution, and probably not necessary.
  • Frontmatter Issues: Picture this: you’re a big dumb idiot and for years you’ve been adding invalid frontmatter into your obsidian notes. You have hanging NULL properties. Indexing those notes breaks SB pretty considerably. This script will, rather than taking a scalpel to the problem, nuke your frontmatter from all your notes from 10,000 feet. It’s not an elegant solution, but it fixed my problem because it turns out my frontmatter was garbage.
  • Subdirectory Tags: To leverage Silverbullet’s tagging system for organization, and because you’re an idiot like me and needed to nuke your frontmatter, there’s a script that generate tags based on a note’s subdirectory location.

The frontmatter thing hit me so hard when transitioning to SB that I am still recovering. Thank you for this btw, sounds very useful :slight_smile:

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