Asciidoc support

Hey, you said crazy, don’t you?

So what about supporting another markup language?

Well, not quite different, it relates how deno relates to node.js, and enter asciidoc!

How much of the code is wired for markdown btw?

I very, very good chunk is pretty much hardcoded or strongly tied to markdown. Adding another language is possible in the sense of “anything is possible”, but SB was never architected to support multiple markup languages.

Some things that come to mind that would need to be done:

  • We’d need a proper asciidoc parser for codemirror (it may exist, haven’t checked)
  • We’d need to support configurable parsers for SB itself
  • Stying needs to be adapted to support both
  • All of the indexers, code completers, plugs etc. need to be adapted to support both language’s ASTs

So not a trivial matter I’m afraid.

For 1., I found AsciiDoc mode for CodeMirror.

For others, it’s about silverbullet code organizing itself.

Yep, seems like it won’t happen on tomorrow, but I think separating the markup part is a good idea by itself.