Bug: Page doesn’t always scroll to selected tag

This bug is so strange in that I haven’t been able to figure out what exactly causes it. But once I have a note in the error state, the issue is reliably reproducible. In any case, the issue is this:

Presume you have a tag somewhere on page (below the fold). Let’s say the tag is #quote. Then if you click on the quote tag (so that you’re looking at a page that simply lists all objects in your space tagged with #quote).

From here, if you click on any of the quote references, you should be taken to the page in question with the page scrolled to the quote. And that’s usually what happens, but not for all pages. I have pages (multiple pages actually) where clicking the quote reference takes me to the page, but the page is not scrolled - so the top of the page is in view but not the quote which is further down in the page. The strange bit is that the cursor is actually at the beginning of the quote line. So … the cursor is in the right location, but the page is not scrolled to that location.

At first I thought it had to do with embedded images, but I have pages with no images for which this fails. Then I thought it was related to page length, but I have some pages with tons of text that work just fine. So I really have no idea why the scroll-to-tag works on some pages but not others.

But as I mentioned above, the pages for which is doesn’t work, the error is 100% consistent.

I seem the same issue on Edge, Chrome, and Safari.

I hope this provides enough information to go on.


Could you report this and the other bug as a GitHub issue instead? Makes it easier to track: Issues · silverbulletmd/silverbullet · GitHub