Can I unbind keyboard shortcuts?

Thanks for all the work on this software.

Is it possible to unbind some keyboard shortcuts?

I’ve got a weird keyboard layout where Alt+K and Alt+L are used for < and >, but I can’t type these characters with this layout using Silverbullet, as these are the shortcuts for outdenting more/less, so I am wondering whether it’s possible to unbind some keyboard shortcuts entirely.

Another use case: I’ve re-bound “Open command palette” to Cmd+P (old Obsidian habits don’t die easily), so there’s no need to keep the previous binding with Cmd+/, which might be nice to have available for some other command instead.


What did you use to re-bind the command?

If you use the SETTINGS file to map new shortcuts, the original keybinding should stop working (it does for me).

You could change the key to something else that does work for you, or set it to an empty string.

I’ve used the SETTINGS file indeed to map a new shortcut. And so you’re right: the previous shortcut for the “Open command palette” has been removed indeed; I thought it hadn’t, maybe I only reloaded the system locally, and didn’t do a full refresh. Or maybe I dreamed it.

I’ve tried binding Alt+K/Alt+L to the command “”, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect: the previous commands indent/outdent are still active. Is there any other way to unbind a shortcut?

Have you tried binding the command names associated with those shortcuts to empty strings?

This is what I’ve tried, and I think that’s what you’re suggesting:

- command: ""
  key: "Alt-k"

This doesn’t unbind Alt-k, though.

I’m suggesting you put the command name in the first line and the empty string for key.

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Works nicely, thanks!

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