Cannot find .md files of pages in folder specified

I have successfully installed silverbullet on my server and I am able to read and write pages from different devices at the same time.

However, I wanted to push my folder to github in order to save the changes made but I can only find a file named .silverbullet.db where the *.md files should be.
Am I looking at the wrong folder? Do I have to enable some special settings?

Hi @wdano3akm.
Supposing you deployed silverbullet with docker, they should stay in the space folder.

Here you see the instruction, taken from the documentation:

# Create a local folder "space" to keep files in
$ mkdir -p space
# Run the SilverBullet docker container in the foreground
$ sudo docker run -it -p 3000:3000 -v ./space:/space zefhemel/silverbullet

That’s weird. My space folder is hosting all my markdown files as well as the .silverbullet.db* files.

When you enter in the docker container, what do you see when you run
ls /space ?

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Found out what the issue was. I think it was related to the docker container being in an unprivileged LXC contiainer. Thanks for your help