Change keyboard shortcut / date format

sorry for my dump questions, but how can I change a keyboard shortcut?
and is it somehow possible to change the date format? now it is yyyy-mm-dd but I would like to change it to

Regarding the keyboard shortcuts, you can do that in the SETTINGS page.
Have a look at the one here: SETTINGS

These below are for example the ones i created to change the way Outlines behave:

  - command: "Outline: Move Up"
    key: "Ctrl-ArrowUp"
  - command: "Outline: Move Down"
    key: "Ctrl-ArrowDown"
  - command: "Outline: Move Right"
    key: "Ctrl-ArrowRight"
  - command: "Outline: Move Left"
    key: "Ctrl-ArrowLeft"
  - command: "Outline: Fold"
    key: "Ctrl-["
  - command: "Outline: Unfold"
    key: "Ctrl-]"
  - command: "Outline: Toggle Fold"
    key: "Ctrl-Alt-f"
Outline commands Key shortcut
Outline: Move Up Ctrl+ArrowUp
Outline: Move Down Ctrl+ArrowDown
Outline: Move Right Ctrl+ArrowRight
Outline: Move Left Ctrl+ArrowLeft
Outline: Fold Ctrl+[
Outline: Unfold Ctrl+]
Outline: Toggle Fold Ctrl+Shift+f

To find the command, just open the Command Picker look for the command that you want to change and use the exact command name in the configuration.

thanks for the reponse :pray:
but the settings page is ready only so I can’t change anything there, how can I change this?

The page @paletochen linked to is on which is read only. In your own space SETTINGS is editable.

ah I see! thank you for the clarification.

perhaps a tip about the date format? :wink: