Configure Community forum PWA?

In the quest to get more bullet per bullet, I found out that I can get this forum as a PWA on the phone to get notifications. Maybe a good mobile experience with notifications is part of what’s missing to move away from Discord?

The problem is that it gets the same name and the same icon (but pixelated). I have never managed a Discourse instance, but if it’s possible, would be nice to name it “SilverBullet Community” and give it an icon that would be easier to tell apart.

I imagine the icon could involve a speech bubble, quick sketch of what I mean:

I just replaced the logo so this should be better. Haven’t yet figured out where it’s pulling the app name from…

With the icon it already works good enough, thanks!

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Looks pretty slick!

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By the way, on iOS when adding this site to the Home Screen it asks me for a name which is editable. This not an option on Android (which I suppose you’re using @Maarrk)?

Exactly, didn’t ask me and I don’t see a way to get it changed. I am replying in this thread after checking a phone notification :handshake:

A quick search suggests the name could be configured by the admin, and they confirm that for changes like this I need a reinstall (which is what I did to get the icon changed).

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Fixed. It’s SB Community now.