Copy to Clipboard for Code Widget(?)

Hi there,
I was just wondering if anyone else likes the idea of having a copy button in the right corner of a code block? I have seen it on many websites and especially for my setup documentation it would be nice to be able to copy code blocks to clipboard directly.

I found this feature request that was moved to the backlog Feature request: Copy button for code snippets · Issue #345 · silverbulletmd/silverbullet · GitHub

What are your thoughts on that?

If there are some People here that would like to see this feature coming, I guess my rookie web dev skills could help creating this feature.


I would use this feature daily too, as my personal instance is full with hundreds of code snippets that I use in the terminal on a regular basis

Conveniently, there’s already a relevant icon in the set used for the top bar:

Good luck with the feature, this is a really nice codebase to work in. Far from the usual web dev mess, especially around Node JS.


For anyone in this thread, this was just added by @joekrill Add copy to clipboard button to code blocks by joekrill · Pull Request #735 · silverbulletmd/silverbullet

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