Not really an “issue”, not really a “bug”, but more of a “gotcha”…for a silverbullet n00b like me…

in the website “install” instructions (eg: Install/Deno) the copy-to-clipboard is also picking-up the faux ‘system prompt’ (the dollar sign).

When pasted, the extra dollar-sign character caused my Linux system to complain. Took me a couple billion cpu cycles to realize what was happening.

SB has been big fun to play with, and seems like it’s gonna be super-useful…THANKS for writing it!

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Hello Russ, I am a big fan of the suggestion, especially since the commands sometimes had them, sometimes not…

In fact I liked it so much that I removed it everywhere and submitted a proposed update to SilverBullet, so maybe it will be easier for the next n00b after us.

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