Date formats πŸ“…2024-03-05 vs [deadline: 2024-03-05]

When I use the emoji :date: for a deadline, the date is recorded as 2024-03-05, but when I use [deadline: 2024-03-05], it is picked up as 2024-03-05T00:00:00.000Z.
This affects queries based on today(), tomorrow(), etc.
The emoji is irritating to access from linux, and I prefer the [deadline: 2024-03-05] format. Is there a way to make format the date in the same way and play nice in queries?

This is a YAML β€œfeature” I suppose, which has date/time values. You can put quotes around the date to have it be interpreted as a string, e.g. [deadline: "2024-03-01"]

You can customize this even more using custom attribute extractors: Space Script

Awesome, thanks! It didn’t occur to me to treat it as a string.