Docker question and mobile access issues

I’ve installed docker on my Chromebook and am running SB successfully. However the server doesn’t appear to be running in the terminal. All I have to do is start the terminal, load up the web app in my browser, and it all works fine. Am I missing something? (granted, I have big knowledge gaps with regard to the technology that’s being used here).

Secondly, entering my Chromebook’s IP address:3000 in my phone’s browser simply doesn’t work. I am not sure why this is. Does it have something to do with the server apparently not running (although it must be because SB works locally??) - I’m totally stumped.

I don’t know anything about the current of chromebooks or what they can and cannot do at this stage, so take that into account with these questions:

I don’t understand what this means. How do you start the docker container, is there some UI for it, or do you use a docker run command somehow?

On a side note, while you’re just testing things and running it locally on a single fine what you’re doing is ok. You will start to hit issues down the line that may be hard to resolve with your current setup. For instance, even if we be able to figure out how to access your SB server on your chromebook from your phone:

  1. It will only work when the chromebook is on
  2. Since you will likely access it over HTTP not HTTPS, many PWA features (like offline use) will not work when you use your phone, and exposing it via HTTPS on your chromebook may simply not be possible

This is why generally I’d recommend installing SB on some separate server somewhere, whether that’s a Raspberry Pi or some old computer you have lying around, or even a cheap VPS in the cloud, and just use your Chromebook (and phone) to access it. I think you’ll have a better experience.

Thank you for the reply. To answer your question, all I did was install docker on my Chromebook, then followed the instructions to install SB with docker. When I visited the localhost:3000 in my browser I created a shortcut which I click on, it opens SB.

Anyway. I agree with you that the best way forward would be to install SB on a different server. I don’t have the time to configure a Pi (although I’d love to do so if I did have the time!). I think the best option is to use a cloud VPS. I will have a go with that. Thank you.

Actually… I think I’m in over my head!