Does the Git Plugin need to sync the .silverbullet.db* files?

It looks like these are for a sqlite db and are binaries. My concern is if this file changes constantly and get re-added, it will add a lot of space to the repo over time. I assume this would just get recreated if silverbullet were run without it right?

No definitely not, add it to your .gitignore. There’s nothing valuable in the .silverbullet.db* files so you can even wipe them at will, they just contain the indexes which can be rebuilt at any time.

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Is this something that the git plugin should do automatically (add the db files to .gitignore)? Not sure what this would look like for a repo with an existing .gitignore file, but if there’s not a gitignore file, this would be fairly easy to do, I think.

I suppose it could yes