File versioning and prevent accidental deletion

:smiling_face_with_tear: I just lost my today’s note accidentially since there was a short network outage and I pressed the shortcut to switch to today’s note ( which creates a today’s note locally if not found) and entered one character to this blank note, results in a quick overwrite of my whole note.

To my surprise this doesn’t results in a confilcting file but direct overwrite, and it also reminds me of the potential loss of very important note in the rare scene like this. Therefore I want to ask you if you see any way to do proper and automatic file versioning in SilverBullet? I hope this won’t happen to more people.

The GIT Plug is great for file versioning and note backup.

At the moment you need to go to the terminal to restore a file version, but there is an issue open to track the implementation of seeing the version history in the webUI.

If you’re running in sync mode, you can type when offline and it has some basic conflict detection (you’ll need to manually resolve conflicts). I find it a bit touchy when working across multiple clients but it works in the event of a network drop.

That’s wonderful! Exactly what I wanted. Thanks for mentioning this.

For the sync mode, yes that was my initial solution to this problem, but keeping a version system is the right solution to this problem.

For a web ui, I think I’m already comfortable with manually revisioning, but having that would be a great plus.