Generate page from template and keep folder structure

I’m attempting to create a rolodex/personal relationship manager tool where I can keep track of stuff about people I interact with. For example, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. I have a space structured so that adding a new person goes to page for “Person/John Doe”

I want to have a discussions “inbox” where I can keep notes for discussions with each respective person. I can’t seem to figure out how to generate the new template inside “Person/John Doe/Discussions/2024-03-20 17:34”. The key part that is that the name (John Doe) is a variable that I cannot seem to find a way of pulling. I have the following currently setup to create a command. This is used in a command (button) on the person/John Doe page.

  - template
  suggestedName: "person/{{}}\/Discussion/{{today}}"
  command: "New Discussion"
openIfExists: true
    - discussion

Upon clicking the button from person/John Doe, a new page is generated, but is blank with the following name: “person//Discussion/2024-03-20”

Is there a way I can compel a quicknote-like template pull the existing space and go deeper in the folder structure (i.e. append “Discussions/{{today}}” onto “person/John Doe”)?

What does your command button look like? How about the command behind the button? I guess what I was thinking is that you would need to define some frontmatter instead of trying to use because that would be Person/John Doe no?

--- frontmatter
fullName: 'John Doe'

…then you could pass fullName to your command button as mentioned in the Command Links Page, you might have to wrap the command button in a template block too in order to leverage the expression language and access the attribute in the frontmatter.