Get page by tags and not tag not work


How get not in tags?

and not ‘lista’ in tags

not wort
empty return

 {{#each @p in {page where name !=~ /^Library\// and name !=~ /^template\// and name != 'index' and name != 'SETTINGS' and name != 'STYLES' and 'solucion' in tags and not 'lista' in tags order by lastModified desc}}}
{{#if @p.titulo}}
* [[{{}}|{{@p.titulo}}]]
{{{header where [email protected] and level = 1 limit 1 select page,name order by header  render[[Library/Personal/Modelos/Ligazon-h1]]}}}

Try replacing not 'lista' in tags with tags != 'lista'

Very thanks!
This solution work!

It’s strange to me,
tags != ‘lista’
‘lista’ != tags
they have different results.

Related to this. It would be another way to achieve the same thing.
How to exclude the item itself from the query?

Very thanks.