How to undo/redo on PWA

when editing on the desktop, I am using CTRL+Z and CTRL-Y for undo / redo actions. Is there an easy way to do this on PWA as well? (Especially on mobile)

Good question. I had assumed the “shake to undo” would at least work on iOS, but it seems it doesn’t. I can probably expose this as a command, but to make it easy to invoke… not sure how beside using the command palette… some sort of special command bar on mobile may be worth considering. Other ideas?

Yeah, I like the idea of a special command bar on mobile. Maybe in the shape of floating buttons that only pop up, when the keyboard is opened?

That would be nice. The question to look into: is that technically possible with web tech (on both android and iOS)? I remember it being hard if not impossible to check the keyboard state on iOS, but that may have changed.

Combine these two and we’re getting there, no?

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