How to use search?

Hi All!

I am pretty new to Silverbullet and im loving it. Working on my hacker mindset! One thing I am having some trouble with is search. I am not able to search for specific terms or phrases without pulling up every word in every .md file.

For instance, I work as tech support and make daily pages where I put all my notes for the day and all my clients that I worked on that day. If I were to search for “Intern2” it will go through every page and daily page and return pages that have “intern” “Internal” and so on. Same with phrases like “restarted computer for kelly”. If i search that it brings up every page that has each of the words.

I am no programmer so I may be missing the wrong Syntax but i tried quotes, single quotes, single tics, =, and a few others that I could think of. Long story short, is there a way to search for EXACT words or phrases? Also, a way to search for that word AND a user name to narrow down searches?

Apologies if this has been asked but I tried looking through here pretty thoroughly. Thanks!

what I used to to in LogSeq and this is still applicable in SilverBullet is to create pages for everything I could possibly search.

lets say you have daily page with note:
had conversation with [[Intern2]] about …

next day you add note:
[[Intern2]] is sick and won’t be working.

now when you open Intern2 page you will se Linked Mentions with both daily pages.

And Obsidian has the ability to make unlinked mentions to “real” links.

That’s a great idea! I use logseq also and find it hard completely moving away. The search in logseq has pretty good for my use case and a preview of what you are searching helps me find it.

I will give that a shot but was thinking I may have been missing something to narrow down my searches. Right now my daily notes is just by date and has various clients per day that i work on in there with details for tickets I work on. So when searching i just see a ton of dates for the pages and have no clue which one to look at.

Thanks for that tip I’m going to give it a shot!

You can find broken links in SilverBullet, an example is in the main page libraries:

You would just click on the broken links and then put a few words in, my understanding is that leaving the page empty doesn’t create or index it.