How you can help

I get this question from time to time: SilverBullet’s great, how can I help?

Here’s ways you can help in somewhat ascending order of complexity (depending on your skillset):

  1. Use SilverBullet and share what works and doesn’t work. Either in this community or as Github issues or on Discord. Yes, also share what does work, because you may spark ideas in other people. How are you structuring your space? What templates have you created for yourself, what space scripts? Tell people in our showcase category, for instance.
  2. Be an advocate. Tell your friends, family to give SilverBullet a try as well. Share it on social media, if you’re into that. If you’re that type of person: blog about it, record videos.
  3. Contribute to this community, Github issues and Discord. Many of SilverBullet’s best ideas and design decisions came out of conversations we’ve had on Discord, Github or here on Discourse.
  4. Contribute documentation. We’re lacking in various areas, have a look at Request for guides.
  5. Contribute code. You can try to develop a plug (although there, too, documentation is still lacking — see item (4)), or to SilverBullet itself through pull requests. If you’re looking for areas where you can contribute, I am particularly weak in the design and front-of-frontend department, as you can tell from SilverBullet’s CSS. Any help there specifically is appreciated.

In addition: be patient. Realize that for all of us this is purely a labor of love, and nobody’s full-time job. We all do this on the side. As a result, your issues may not be solved as quickly as with other software you use. They may not be solved at all, depending on what they are. That’s how it is. That’s always how it is with any software — to be honest — but it may be more transparent for open source project.