Idea: A Silverbullet browser bookmarklet?

Is it possible to make a browser bookmarklet that takes the title and the URL of the webpage and inserts it into a new (or existing?) page in Silverbullet?

Would be useful during research, like summarizing articles you find during browsing or to collect links.

I am no hacker, so therefore I ask you. What do you think?

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I’ve just created exactly this for chrome and opera browsers. It’s not released into the extension store at the moment as I need to ask Zef if he’s OK with me using the Silverbullet icon. If he gives me the OK, I’ll add a link to the repo in this community

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How difficult do you think it’d be to port it for Firefox?

From what I understand, it shouldn’t take much to port to FF. It’s the next task on my list

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The beta version of the web clipper is on the chrome web store for anyone who wants to try it out.

The code is available in github.
GitHub release (latest SemVer)

I’m currently working on a Firefox version so hopefully this isn’t too far off

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Cool, thanks a lot. Working fine here so far!
With the Firefox extension, there will be a solution for mobiles as well, then, I suppose, now that Firefox supports extensions on its mobile app as well!

I’m glad it’s working ok, it’s my first attempt at an extension so I wanted to start simple and build up functionality over time. I got the Firefox version working today so I’ll hopefully have that published in the next couple of weeks. I wasn’t aware of extensions on mobile devices but I assume it will work?

Thanks for doing this. As a Firefox user, I would be more than happy to beta test this for you.

Hi David, thanks for your code specifying the directory for the captures. I’ll merge that in the next couple of days. I’ve submitted the extension to firefox so hopefully that will be approved soon. I’ll hopefully get the android version going this weekend.

The firefox extension is avaiilable: SilverBullet Clipper – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)