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I’m trying to move from Google Keep to Silverbullet and I’ve exported my keep files and placed them in the ./space directory with the rest of the files that were originally created with Silverbullet, but how to I get them into the database so that they will show up in Silverbullet?

They should appear automatically, it can take a few seconds maybe up to 20 and they should be indexed. If not, have a look at the server logs if you see something suspicious.

I’m using the docker install and I’m not seeing anything in the logs, just the standard file requests. I’ve started and stopped the container and re-deployed, but no luck. In my research I found someone else who was having issues when running it in an unprivileged lxc container and I’m thinking that may be my issue.

edit: changed to a privileged container and that didn’t resolve it either.

Can you check the owners and permissions of the files SB created and the ones you added? They should be made to match. Otherwise there may indeed be permission issues.

I changed all permissions to match 644 which was what the other files were.

Funny thing is if I start a new page with the exact same name as one of the files I’ve added it pulls it into the database.

For example: The note “Waffles” is not showing in the web interface but the file exists in the spaces directory. If I create a new note with the name “Waffles” it will open the file that is in the directory and from then on it’s in the database.

You can try to run the Space: Reindex command to see if that helps.

That got it. Thanks!

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