Journals and date links

in some PKMs system journal pages are handled a little bit different, in silverbullet i got similar expectations for eg:

i use the slash command /today returning 2024-02-05
if i transform that in a link [[2024-02-05]] i would expect that that link goes to my journal page, is there a way of archiving that and still save the journals in a folder, using the forPrefix or other technique ?

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Well, I suppose once you create that issue for aliasing that would be one way to do it :wink:

I know that in some alternative systems (*cough* Obsidian *cough*) a link like [[2024-02-05]] would link to wherever a note with such a name exists, even if it’s knee-deep inside a folder structure. In many cases this works, but it becomes problematic once there are 2+ notes with the same name in different places. I think Obsidian then starts to put prefixes in front of all existing links to disambiguate which one you mean. This works, but honestly, I’m not a big fan. That’s why in SilverBullet I opted to always have page links be absolute paths (from the space root) rather than sometimes not, sometimes yes. Visually you tend to only see the last part, but the actual paths are always absolute. It’s a design decision.

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Logseq uses a separated folder for pages and other for journals

I see. Right. I’m not sure if making those separate types of things in SB is very “silverbullet-y”. Are you trying to use both at the same time?

More to evaluate, but I like the idea of linking journals with dates , not because of logseq , but some times I copy an email or a piece of content , that got same date in that format and I just wrap it in [] and this will appear in the linking to that journal day , or even using unlinked references
Just sharing some personal use cases

Right, the easiest way to achieve that now would be to remove the Journal/Day/ prefix from daily journal entries. Not ideal, I can see that.

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I am not sure of your usecase other than the one you outlined but a potential workaround could be adding a snippet like this:

tags: template
description: "Link to today note"
hooks.snippet.slashCommand: today link

You could also use a snippet to replace any date with a journal link:

tags: template
  command: "Turn date into journal link"
  slashCommand: journal-link
  key: "Ctrl-q j"
  matchRegex: "(.*\\b)(\\d{4}-\\d{2}-\\d{2})(\\b.*)"