Kubernetes Helm Chart

I’ve created a Kubernetes Helm chart for those interested in deploying SilverBullet into their clusters. You can find it here GitHub - bnason/silverbullet-chart

One of my main goals with this chart was to include the ability to automatically pull either the main SilverBullet Plugs/Git repo, or a “skeleton” repo to use as the starting point for the git plug repo. The chart has a custom init image included that handles the repo initialization task.

This is mostly just a starting point and I know it will need some fine tuning etc.

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Very cool. In the docs I still see references to auto scaling. I think I mentioned this won’t work so easily. You cannot easily scale SB horizontally by default. However a quick glance at the template files I don’t see references to this, so perhaps this configuration isn’t used?

Just pushed an update that removes the HPA (Horizontal Pod Autoscaler).

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