Live now: Templates 2.0

No spoilers (unless you want to read a giant-ass pull request), but it’s going to be big: Templates 2.0 by zefhemel · Pull Request #636 · silverbulletmd/silverbullet · GitHub

More details once I wrap up this branch and merge it so you can get it on edge.


Ok people, this is now live on edge. Please have a look at the CHANGELOG before freaking out because things disappeared on you: SilverBullet


Wow, SilberBullet is getting really powerful :boom:

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I know, this is some powerful stuff… that actually allowed me to delete a whole bunch of built in code and moved it to user land. My favorite type of improvement.

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You may notice that the naming conventions for “Quick Note”, “Daily Note” an “Weekly Note” have changed, they will now be created under Inbox/, Journal/Day/ and Journal/Week/ respectively rather than using the cute :inbox_tray: and :date: emoji in the names. If you don’t like this new convention you can easily change it:

Navigate to the page template of the note of choice (via the Template Picker) and change e.g.

suggestedName: "Inbox/{{today}} {{time}}"


suggestedName "📥 {{today {{time}}"

And you’re back to the old default.

The reason I did this is that in the future I intend to add a feature to “decorate” page links with emoji (and perhaps other things) automatically, so you’d be able to visually see :inbox_tray: without actually having to have it in the page name itself.

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This is great!
Cannot wait to find time to learn all the changes. I’d rather do it before i start working tomorrow or I’ll lose the whole day configuring SB instead of doing real work :smile:

As for the changes of daily/weekly templates, I’ll start adopting them and slowly migrating to the new convention, in preparation for the emoji decorations.

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Really great change, also because it seems that the :inbox_tray: is not working with Git under Windows:

git pull
error: invalid path '📥 2024-01-16'
error: invalid path '📥 2024-01-17'
Updating e400339..857819c

I get this error, and the files don’t get created. The repository was filled by the Git plug from a SilverBullet instance running on Linux.

I don’t think this is a SilverBullet issue, but maybe better to avoid emoji in the default filenames. Strangely enough both :date: and :spiral_calendar: work perfectly fine.

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