Living on the edge (builds)

If you’re a true SilverBullet enthusiast, just upgrading to the latest and greatest release may just not be edgy enough. Maybe you want to truly live on the bleeding edge, and always run the latest commit to the SilverBullet repo.

I know I do. And I do.

Every time new code is pushed to the main development branch, a new Docker image is released to zefhemel/silverbullet:edge within minutes, as well as a Deno build to

How to set this up

First of all: although data loss has hardly ever happened, make sure you back up your space. Whether you use edge builds or not: back up your stuff.

That said, here’s how to try out the edge releases:


If you’re a docker user to use this “edge” image, simply change your docker image to point to zefhemel/silverbullet:edge (instead of zefhemel/silverbullet) and make sure you run something like watchtower to automatically upgrade these images regularly (see the Docker install docs for details).


When using SilverBullet using Deno, can run SilverBullet from the URL directly:

deno run --unstable-kv --unstable-worker-options -A --reload <path-to-your-space>

The --reload flag automatically downloads the latest script on ever run, so simply restarting this process will pull the latest edge build and run it.

What’s on edge?

I try to keep the CHANGELOG up-to-date. The top section “Next” usually has a pretty accurate description of what’s there. Once a release happen, this section is renamed to the release name and the journey continues.

How do I get out?

Is stuff broken? You can simply revert back to a regular release, that means the zefhemel/silverbullet image for Docker, and the script URL for Deno.

That’s it.


Notice something broken? Join the edge chat or post in the Edge category.



I’ve now updated these instructions to also include how to run edge builds directly with Deno, for those who don’t want to use Docker.