Mathematical expressions

Hello, Zef!
I have tried many note-taking apps.
Yours is most close to Logseq.
I’m impressed by how you decided The Problem of Sync: if it needs to look note from a smart kettle, so use app that is on every kettle - browser.
So I’m now really interested in moving my flow to here.
Part of my notes made by the lectures of technical subjects and include math in KaTeX expressions ($ A = B + C $)

My question is “Can I use math rendering in SilverBullet?”

Yes you can!


This is great! I’m coming from logseq too (or strongly considering it). Is there any way to do this kind of math/katex rendering inline? I’d be willing to work on it. Maybe using MathJax?

Are you asking for this?

Technically it would be possible to do this, but it would requiring the SilverBullet parser itself. It cannot be done from a plug. If anybody wants to attempt this, that’d be great. I have little current interest this myself, because I don’t use any type of formula in my daily life :wink:

Yes, that’s exactly my use case. I see the concerns regarding plain $ ... $; it’s an issue with other similar tools as well. Parsers are hard! :slight_smile: