Navigation on left side?

Tried searching for this, but I’m honestly not even sure what to search for. In short, I really like the idea behind this but I can’t find any way to add some sort of navigation/index on the left side (just like this community site has) and that’s a bit of a deal breaker for me.

Main reasons behind this are terrible memory so I need a more visual list of categories/tags on the left so I can easily find what I need.

Is there a way to make this happen? I looked through the plugs but didn’t see anything.

That’s an interesting use case.
What would the left navigation panel provide to you that an Index page adjusted to your needs would not be able to do?

I am also a person that forgets a lot constantly, one of the reasons I actually started with note taking. I need to document everything i achieve, learn, or do, so next time i can recall it back when i need it.
Example: I document everything i learn for my Linux environment and, when needed, it’s there. This has recently saved me when i lost a full hard drive and i needed to replicate all my docker containers setup and its configurations.

But for me, it is enough with having the data in SB, tagged with some specific values. Example:

  • [[linux]]
  • [[terminal]]
  • [[docker]]
  • [[dotfiles]]
  • [[plex]]
  • etc, etc

And whenever i need to retrieve it, I search for keywords that I believe I need for the specific purpose in hand.

Then, in my [[index]] page, I have the sections i care about right now. But that is just a starting point as i can then search/query anything I need with the tools provided by SB.

Wouldn’t you still need to manually update your index page when you add new categories/tags etc?

Also, I’d prefer it’s something that is simply ‘pinned’ to the left side so I don’t have to visit an index page each time.

Lastly, visiting an index page also runs the risk of me getting distracted, it only takes a second :slight_smile:

This was proposed in Issue #245, would that work?

No if what you have is a query that filters automatically based on your needs.
In the same way a TOC updates automatically, or the Linked Mentions widget, or any other query for that matter (like for tasks, tags, etc).

Yeah I think the issue that @Maarrk points to would be the best solution and actually pretty easy to implement. Let me bump that on my priority list (unless somebody’s eager to do it, I’m on vacation right now supposedly)

I think this would be very useful. I could see using it to replace the tasks calendar plugin I use in obsidian

I’d also like the ability to add/remove side panels. One thing I think I’d miss from having a real navigation tree though is being able to re-organize notes and files. Like dragging from one folder to another and having SB rename them automatically.

Technically not the same but we have the rename command that works wonders for this use case.
Just rename any page to anything you want, even within subfolders and SB will update all links to it.