Note graph

One of the neater features of Obsidian that I almost never but occasionally did use is the graph feature. OTOH it’s cool to see from 10,000 ft what your developing body of notes look like, but every now and then it’s legitimately useful to see at a glance which notes link to the notes that link to the one you’re looking at (so one layer deeper than the footer widget we can grab in the core library). It seems like it may be a big lift and not really in the spirit of the primarily-text focused SB but hey, I was told to post my crazy ideas!

So somebody already started this a long time ago, but it was abandoned by its author. I forked the repo to somehow keep it working, but stopped doing that that a little while ago.

Here’s the repo:

In its current state it doesn’t run, although it shouldn’t be THAT hard to fix.

What this needs is somebody interested in this feature and willing to adopt it (and who’s familiar or interested in the D3.js library that it uses). I’m happy to support with any type of Q&A to figure out specific issues.

Personally I’d love to have this feature as well, but I’m just not very strong nor very interested in visualization libraries, and I have a bunch of other functionality I’d rather work on.