Override page display name

Would it be possible to override the page display name? I have 2 use cases:

  1. The indexPage page. I want to leave it as index so that the root path is the default, however I’d prefer to show as something else.

  2. I’m trying to come up with a good mechanism for storing meeting notes and their related items: tasks, files (images, Asciinema, pdfs) etc. So far, I think I want to use the following naming convention Meetings/ORGANIZER/YYYY-MM-DD_HHmm/index However that name is not ideal as a display name. I think most of the issue is the /index part again.

One possible solution would be to use the displayName setting in the frontmatter block. If you go to edit the page name, it would revert to the real name.

Any other solutions are welcome :slight_smile:

Alternatively, perhaps adding a setting to hide /index from the name automatically could be enough. I may try to come up with a plugin for this if I can find some time.

Unfortunately, that would leave the root index page in my scenario without a name showing.

I don’t understand the /index thing. If you set indexPage to anything else in your SETTINGS it will use that as the index page, and not put it in the URL.

For instance on on silverbullet.md the indexPage is set to SilverBullet and that’s the page shown when you visit the “clean” URL. Is that not exactly what you want?

Ok that does seem to work. Somehow I was seeing https://silverbullet.md/SilverBullet instead of just https://silverbullet.md/ not sure how I got there, but apparently it confused me on how the indexPage worked. Thanks!

So now I just need to find a fix for my meetings folders.

So I think I’ll just put all the meetings into the parent folder and manually create a folder for the meeting if I need to add files. So my naming convention would then be Meetings/ORGANIZER/YYYY-MM-DD_HHmm which would create a Meetings/ORGANIZER/YYYY-MM-DD_HHmm.md file and I would manually create a Meetings/ORGANIZER/YYYY-MM-DD_HHmm/ folder if I need to.

Sorry for the stream of consciousness here lol

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