Hey folks,
I deployed SilverBullet today - I’m just so happy I found this :slight_smile:

Apologies if this is a basic question, I’m wondering if anyone knows whether it’s possible to do some sort of plotting?
For example, there are various things that I’m tracking today (related to weight/calorie intake/exercise and others) - and it would be great if I could plot some sort of graph to show progress (or lack of :frowning: ).
Does something like that exist? If it doesn’t - is this something doable using templates or the new Space Script (maybe through a third party plotting library?).

Any help/input to get me started would be appreciated!

Hello! As far as I’m aware, nobody’s tackled graphing yet. While I’d have to think if you could technically hack this with space script, I’d assume you need to write a custom plug for this purpose. It’s possible to create custom code widgets (like there is query, template and embed right now) and render these using whatever HTML/JS/CSS you want.

Documentation on how to do this is still rather poor, however. So you may not want to tackle this just yet. If you insist, I can give you some high level pointers though :slight_smile: