Proposal: Background Offline Pre-Sync?

The offline mode features are really great (though space functions are a gap in offline mode these days), but most of the times I’m offline, it is not anticipated. That is, I find that I have no network connection and I need information in an open session, either on a laptop or on mobile and it’s too late to switch to offline mode. Would it be possible to configure a session to periodically push all space updates and state proactively so that at any given time, you can just switch to offline mode without a network connection active?

though space functions are a gap in offline mode these days

Are you saying this doesn’t work? Because it should in sync/offline mode.

What I do myself is use sync mode all the time on some devices. I’d actually recommend this because you get much better performance.

You’re right. Something was weird in my browser’s sync state. When I switched to offline mode it suddenly didn’t see my space scripts and the main page failed to render, but also it generated a ton of conflict files, reverting to stale versions. I had to revert git snapshots to undo it (thank you for git!) and it still happened when I went offline again, so I git reverted and called “Debug: Reset Client” and “System: Reload” and now offline works as intended and my files have their current versions of content with no conflicts.

Right, things can get messy when you are not in sync mode for a long time but still a copy of that space in your browser’s DB from way back. I’ve seen this escalate in a lot of conflicts too. I’ve been thinking what to do here, either have the local synced cache expire after some time (probably not desirable) or perhaps even purge it when you explicitly switch back to online mode. Not sure that’s great either.