Query to find all linked mentions for a page

I’d like to make a template that shows the contents of all linked mentions for a page.

Basically I need a way to query: page where is_mentioned in page2

Is this possible?

If I understand you correctly the Linked Mentions template does exactly this: Library/Core/Widget/Linked Mentions

Duh - that’s obvious in retrospect. Thanks!

Meanwhile, how do you remove repeats in a query? A link to a page shows up multiple times if the page is linked multiple times. Is there a way to return each page only once - group by, distinct or something like that?

It will do a distinct automatically on all the fields you select. So task select name will give you of all unique task names, for instance.

Right but a page can be linked to another multiple times so the following returns the same page multiple times since each link is a distinct link but to the same page.

link where toPage = @page and page != @page.name order by page desc

Add select page, toPage and you will get unique rows.

And be sure to use toPage = @page.name there.

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