Question about aliases

I have a question about the aliases functionality, the only information that i can find is in Frontmatter
My expectations is that he aliases would allow me to link to page using on of is aliases

in i created a pageA

added Frontmatter defenition

  - pageB

and in Links page i created

- [[pageA]]
  - this links works

- [[pageA|pageB]]
  - this link i get from auto complete

- [[pageB]]
  - i would expect for this link to also work

is my expectation right?

At the moment your expectation is not right :wink: Rather than having the alias work as an actual page link, indeed the aliased link offered by the auto complete is the only thing that works. I can see reasons why you’d also want the page link to somehow be redirected though, so feel free to create a Github issue for implementing this.

I will create a github issue

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