Relationships between "objects"

Hi all,

Just joined the forums and started using SB. I love it! Great work Zef and others!

What would be the recommended way to create relationships between “objects” in SB? I’m now creating objects by defining pages with specific tags and attributes. These attributes relate to other objects. For instance, I define ‘persons’ with an ‘organization’-attribute, which has as its value the name of a specific ‘organization’-object. It works, but it’s also a little shaky. I need to type in the organization’s name correctly, or I should copy and paste it from the organization page when creating a new ‘person’.

I searched the documentation and the forum, but there does not seem to be a stable way to create such relationships (yet). Is that correct? If so, what would be the best way to set-up a stable system, ideally one that auto-suggests possible values for an attribute? I’ve looked at defining my own snippets and commands, but they seem to be able to output only one value/perform one action. Would this be something that is accomplished by a plug?