Remembering cursor position when jumping between pages

As of now, when I switch between pages, it goes to the top of the page. Is there some way I can make Silverbullet remember the cursor position for each page?

Primary use-case if for journal pages which I navigate in and out a lot. Just for journal pages, I can probably use this to navigate to the bottom of the page, but it would be nice to have SB remember the cursor position when jumping between pages.

When you switch between pages in a single session it should remember the cursor and scroll position. It doesn’t for you? Or would you like this behavior between sessions (page reloads etc.) too?

Ahh, looks like the issue is only when I use the following commands. Using the page picker or clicking on a page link does seem to retain the cursor position.

  • Open Daily Note
  • Navigate: Home
  • Navigate: Back in History
  • Navigate: Forward in History