Renumbering numbered lists?

How can I trigger the renumbering of a list after item deletion or reordering?

By creating a Github issue to implement this feature :wink: In a sense I’m proud of the fact we went this long without people actually requesting this. It shows that the “bullet” part of silver bullet stuck, and that most people are using bulleted lists rather than numbered lists :joy:

Quasi related issue:

(And yes, as you suggest, this is a very low priority. The first time I recall encountering it was last week. I just thought there might be a trick/command I had overlooked.)

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I use bullet points 99% of the time to avoid dealing with numbered lists.
But if the feature improves, I may consider it, as i write a lot of documents for me with a list of steps I need to take and numbered lists should be the best way to write them down.

I expect this to be an unpopular opinion, but let’s go: How about we don’t change the numbers at all, but we always display them in the correct ascending order, which is what Markdown is meant to do:

The start number of an ordered list is determined by the list number of its initial list item. The numbers of subsequent list items are disregarded. (from Commonmark Spec)

So you’d see the underlying number only if you have your cursor there, just like with task checkboxes. This is the behaviour that happens when you write here:

  1. First item
  2. Second item

But I wrote it as:

1. First item
1. Second item

I actually use this when I write some docs in a git repo, so I don’t get changes in every line from the renumbering. Also, I think it would make the main preview closer to the results you get if you publish in any way.