Run command search has stopped working on local isntance

Hi there,

I have one instance at work in Docker and another I host from home, also in Docker. I access both of them from the same browser at work. For some reason on the work instance, the Run command search has stopped working. I’ll type e.g. ‘template’ in, but the list doesn’t move or filter.

I get the following errors in the console


I don’t really understand what’s going on as there are no errors in the docker log output, and the instance I host from home works perfectly.

I have cleared my browser cache, run the ‘Clear Local Storage and Log Out’ function, neither which helped.

Any ideas?

Thank you.

So it worked before and then stopped all of a sudden? What changed? And as I understand it it is just the command palette that stopped working?

Blindly guessing here: Did you perhaps create a new template of some sort, perhaps defining a command and that has an invalid value? Or no value (eg a snippet with a key but no command).

Or perhaps you installed some new plug?

Hey Zef, thank you for the reply and suggestions!

I’ve been through my templates and double checked plugs etc. today but couldn’t spot any issues.

I decided to delete the, .silverbullet.db-shm and .silverbullet.db-wal files, restarted the Docker container and it’s now working properly!

Unfortunately I can’t really tie this into anything that I did. That doesn’t mean to say I got a template wrong at some point, which caused some issue!