Self hosting options (in the cloud and local)

Not being sponsored for this, but may be interesting: OVH cloud is running a deal for a $0.97/month virtual private server with 2GB RAM for the first year. Seems plenty to host SilverBullet on:

Another good option that I use myself (this very site runs on this) is the ARM64 shared VM 4GB RAM option from Hetzner at €4.51/month:

What are you using? Or hosting stuff at home?

I host at home.
I have a Minisforum UM690 with a Ryzen 9 6900HX running Debian.
SilverBullet runs in a docker container.

Right, let’s make the topic more generic. I also have a cheap mini PC running in my attic with Proxmox and inside it various VMs. One of them is a dedicated docker host where I run my primary SilverBullet instance.