SilverBullet + Madness (markdown renderer) = instant updating public read-only site

I made a kinda neat setup based on SilverBullet after seeing the storage is just markdown files with a database adding features. I used the markdown renderer server Madness to provide a public static version that’s updated live from the pub/ folder on my silverbullet instance, which I’ve got as a separate volume so the public site has no access to non-public notes.

That static site is here
The source for the CapRover app (which is essentially a docker-compose.yml with extra stuff) is here caprover-apps/public/v4/apps/silverbullet-pub.yml at main - aly/caprover-apps -

I can only put two links in a post, more references and a brief tutorial are at the above pub url.

I’m hoping to get apps for SilverBullet and the above combination into the CapRover apps repository so it can be easily deployed.

(CapRover is a FOSS self-hosted platform-as-a-service, no affiliation)

Very cool, thanks for sharing!