Silverbullet running in Proxmox LXC

Hey! IDK if this is the right place, but I really like Silverbullet and Proxmox.

I went ahead and created this PR on the infamous “Proxmox helper scripts” repo.

Let’s hope that tteck (“Proxmox Helper Scripts”’ BDFL) approves it!


Thanks for the effort! I see your initial PR was rejected though :smile:

Hey, NP!

I guess tteck isn’t going to let this in. I made a 2nd PR and here’s his reply:

IMHO, I don’t agree with his way of conducing the repo, but it’s his stuff so there’s nothing I can do about it.

In case someone is interested to install a SilverBullet LXC container in Proxmox, then it is possible if you invoke this In the PVE console:

bash -c "$(wget -qLO -"

This will trigger the installation from a branch I created for testing in my fork of this repo.

That’s a bit silly. What does he mean “code cannot be vetted”, but probably not worth any battle.

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Maybe doesnt realize it is open source?

Sucks that he doesnt want to add it, but good work anyway, at least there is now an example on how to install sb in proxmox easily!

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Thanks for this. Apparently the ttech dude is a bit “difficult”