SilverBullet Web Clipper for Chrome and Opera (BETA)

I’ve created a simple web clipper for SilverBullet.

SilverBullet Clipper is a browser extension that allows you to save either a URL or selected content from a page as markdown to SilverBullet. The capture is added as a Quick Note in the default SilverBullet inbox.

Please keep in mind that it is not guaranteed to work on all websites.

The beta version of the web clipper is on the chrome web store for anyone who wants to try it out.

The code is available in github.
GitHub release (latest SemVer)

I’m currently working on a Firefox version so hopefully this isn’t too far off


Just installed and tested it and mostly works nicely! What I noticed is that when you click the “Go to Quick note” link after capturing, it doesn’t fully work, it probably encodes the URL weirdly, I ended up at http://localhost:3000/Inbox/ which is broken (the .md also shouldn’t be there probably).

Thanks for the feedback Zef. It’s interesting, I’ve probably created over 100 pages and the link has never been an issue. I’ll have look.

Did you use the default quick note name or always change it?

Hi Zef, I set the name to the current date/time of when the capture button is pushed in the format of yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss. What do mean by default quick note name?

Hi Zef, I’ve just published an update to the extension that formats the URL how it appears in SilverBullet and I’ve dropped the .md from the link. Hopefully this helps.

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The firefox version of the extension is now available: SilverBullet Clipper – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)


Thanks a lot. The Firefox extension didn’t work in the beginning, but then after a day or two it did. Great! It does not seem to be compatible with Firefox mobile, though

For me it’s working fine in the Firefox for Android App.

Now it is working fine here as well! Thanks!

This is awesome, thanks for making it and sharing!

Any chance of being able to customize the note a little bit? e.g. I like having the source url in the frontmatter

SilverBullet Clipper is now available for Firefox and Firefox for Android

Mozilla Add-on Version


Hi justyns, I’m glad you’re enjoying the extension. Can you give me more details on the enhancement you’d like to see, I don’t understand what you mean. Thanks!

Sure, as an example - when I highlight one of your messages on this thread and use the extension, I get this note:


SilverBullet Clipper is now available for Firefox and Firefox for Android

[![Mozilla Add-on Version](](


I’d like to be able to customize a template used to create the note, to get something like this instead:

source_title: SilverBullet Web Clipper for Chrome and Opera (BETA) - Showcase - SilverBullet Community
tags: foo
created: 2024-05-25
SilverBullet Clipper is now available for Firefox and Firefox for Android

[![Mozilla Add-on Version](](

It’s not a big deal, having the extension at all means I don’t have to copy/paste as much.

Ah, I get it. I’ve been thinking about capturing the title of the page and I already have the other information. How would you see it work. Would I create a place in the configuration where you can select to use frontmatter and a place to map to frontmatter variables. For example, in your case, URL gets mapped to source_url, title gets mapped to source_title etc.

A new version of the SilverBullet Clipper has been released. Firefox version is available, Chrome version should be available tomorrow

Mozilla Add-on Version


  • Added the option to append the web page title to the note’s title when on the capture page. The default is don’t append
  • Added the option to default the append web title checkbox to true. The default is false
  • Added the option to set the length of the note’s title (the default is 70 characters). Trailing ‘…’ will show that the title has been concatenated

A new version of the SilverBullet extension has been released. The firefox version is currently available and the chrome version should be approved by tomorrow


  • Fixed broken links when capturing web page content. The links were relative but now are fully qualified
  • Fixed broken page source link when the URL contained markdown characters. By default, Turndown escapes markdown characters

Mozilla Add-on Version