Space Scrip non working

After a fresh reload to the 0.7.3 the previous Space-Script are non “registered”.
Precedentemente usavo la funzione DaysTillDate.
I have reloaded the system and also re-indexed .
Any idea what to search / investigate?


Can you share the space-script itself?
do you also get any errors in the browser inspect console?

I use DaysTillDate and it works for me.
You can see it below.
NOTE: I did update the signature but, as @zef mentioned in the Changelog, the original script should also work.

silverbullet.registerFunction({name: "daysTillDate"},(date) => {
  const parsedDate = Temporal.PlainDate.from(date)
  const now = Temporal.Now.plainDateISO();
  return now.until(parsedDate, { largestUnit: 'days' }).days

This are the image of what I get:


  • Can you confirm with Help: Version that you are on the latest one?

Things that i will normally check, because often i make mistakes:

  • Check that you don’t have a similar script somewhere else, searching for daysTillDate
  • remove the space-script and check that no more errors appear in the console, and therefore confirming if that script is the sole reason of the problem or not
  • If it is, maybe add the script in a new page, maybe something weird is happening with the current one?
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That was my mistake!
Now is working!

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