Space-Script: Daily Quote

If you’re from Obsidian and have used the Templater plugin, you may have utilised the tp.web.dailyquote() module to pull a daily quote into your journal etc.

I quickly knocked up the following space-script to bring that functionality into SB using the same Quotables API as Templater:

silverbullet.registerFunction({name: "dailyQuote"}, async () => {

const quoteAPI = '';
const response = await fetch(quoteAPI);

if (!response.ok) {
  throw new Error('Failed to fetch quote');

const data = await response.json();
const quoteData = Array.isArray(data) ? data[0] : data;

if (quoteData.content && {
  const quote = quoteData.content;
  const author =;
  const formattedQuote = `${quote}\n> — ${author}`;
  return formattedQuote;
} else {
  throw new Error('No quote in response');

I then use a custom admonition borrowed from the Additional Admonition Types post, to insert it into my daily journal template.

> **quote** Today's Quote
> {{dailyQuote}}

The script uses the random endpoint to select from the entire Quotables database. If you’d only like to see specific tags, update const quoteAPI to reduce the scope, for example: /quotes/random?tags=technology,famous-quotes.

I am bumbling my way through this as I’m not a developer, so if there is something to improve, do let me know.